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Eclectic dance nights
A movie theater in the 30's, an adult movie theater in the 70's, and now a dance club since 1977.
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    • jondoe
      jondoe Over a year ago
      Loves it

      is there a dress code? stuff u cant wear? hats?

    • Listed before any reviews?????
      Since this is a sort of Hetro type club. I thought it might be fun to review in an "undercover" type writting? "Male Now Female", "M N F"??? This is soooo hard for me to review, b/c for dance clubs and trashy people lookin' to hook up, long lines, overpriced mixed drinks, and all the things one really hates about the "night club" scene, this is a standard, disgusting joint. I want to slit my own wrists before getting in line at this place .... But, as mentioned in other reviews, if you can catch a concert here, WOWZA. It's fanfuckintastic. Soooo...I have to be fair and it give it three stars, but if I was just judging the the "club" ...it would get 1. If you aren't a clubber, avoid this place unless you are going to see a live show (which i would give a 4). They host MANY throughout the year with some great indie bands and it is always general admission, so early bird gets the great seats. Oh and it's pretty affordable! I've never paid more than $30 for a show here, which I think is an awesome treat. Otherwise, if you don't want to dance 'til you sweat in an inch of disgusting beer on the ground on a Wed. or Friday nights or spend your hard earned cash on a poorly made mixed drink (how does one mess up a vodka tonic?), you might want to avoid it. Yes, the beer is cheap - big deal - beer is nasty. It's dirty, sketchy and trashy...filled with a very young (sometimes, I wonder if they are all carrying fakes), voyeuristic crowd. But for those of you lookin' for a one night stand, you'll probably get lucky. Ick.