Henry's Coffee Bistro

100% love it
A relaxed coffee shop with great food
Henry's Coffee Bistro is an ideal stop for some lunch and a delicious cup of coffee. Specializing in a tantalizing variety of panini sandwiches and salads, this adorable little shop offers much to the cuties of Indy.


    • JA237
      JA237 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Worth the drive.
      --but have you had their giant cookies?!?! G-I-A-N-T. Peanut butter and choco chip. big chips. $1.50. WORTH IT.----------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MISSION: caffeine & pastry. what to do when Calvin Fletcher's is closed, Taste is a crazy morning mess, and Rene's is clean out of all 3 varieties of my favorite croissants (almond, chocolate, and orange-- in that order)?-------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ANSWER: beeline to Henry's.....an Americano & a homemade muffin ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Henry's LG Americano: $2.50 = 4 shots & a side of competent real barrista service-------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Starbucks grande Americano: $2.55 = 3 shots (w/ inferior beans) & a side of nonchalant youth or frowny part time housewife or confused senior....... you do the math.-------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Their regular coffee is also good. Don't doubt it bc you see them dispensing out of a thermos. this is coming from Ms persnickety french press lady. But okay, if you try first then decide it's not fresh enough for you they'll happily do a fresh brew. -------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Muffins deserve a huge shout-out. There's nothing commercial or artificial about these baseball-sized muffins: they've got a bed & breakfast quality about them, subtly sweet and greasy in a good way, with soft, cakey light interiors and awesome crusty edges; cranberries and blueberries are big and plump and tart. Just such a perfect honest and soul-satisfying package, you really do find yourself wanting to stop in each morning. ------------------------ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Midday food: California sandwich & chipotle turkey panini-- soooo good the super cool & super inked and pierced Sandwich Maker Dude-- who obviously has admirable control over his reactionary nerves-- can't even help exclaiming to himself as he removes the melty masterpiece from the presser, 'DAMN this is an awesome fine sandwich!!!"------------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Have not enjoyed their dessert panini yet but "nutella & banana"? "pb & marshmallow"?? daresay could be better than a crepe-- someone please indulge and confirm! Jon A, I nominate you! take one for the team!!--------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Also consider their cool bar counter seating at the orig East St location, great indoor & outdoor tables for group mtgs or indiv study, cute little bathrooms. Friendly mix of regular patrons--strangers always happy to share tables if they are scarce, esp if you're looking for an outlet.-------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Their website used to suck and be totally useless but now you can find the entire menu and addl info there. Facebook blog too-- great daily updates on menu specials and other news.--------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The only reason they don't get 5 stars is bc they aren't open 24 hrs. HA!-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PS- Skip the cinnamon rolls they are pretty much the weakest thing on the menu.------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    • IndyPolarBear
      IndyPolarBear Over a year ago
      Loves it

      My favorite coffee shop!
      The coffees and teas are good, home made desserts are delicious! The new brunch on weekends is very tasty with several items to choose from. Right next door to Out Word Bound bookstore and there is patio seating outside so you can sip your coffee and watch the boys go by.

    • Great coffie & Tea stop!
      If you're headed to Starbucks definitely keep going and head straight to Henry's! It's located in the same spot where Vic's once was. The coffee is better, costs less, and the food portions are generous for the price. They have a pretty broad menu, but they'll make salads to order. The paninis are yummy, and there's homemade soups in the winter and fruit smoothies in summer. Can't forget to mention the staff, who are always great, always friendly -- no matter how early in the a.m.! As for atmosphere, it's how I'd love my living room to be -- open, very comfy yet modern living. Relaxing sums it up best (I've seen more than a few people 'resting their eyes' while their order was prepped!) Cream walls, oversized comfy overstuffed chairs, plenty of seating (and tables set with cloth tablecloths and organicly-styled centerpieces -- how's that for attention to detail!). Other pluses: wi-fi (plenty of lap-top totting patrons!) and a range of people with varied backgrounds and ages -- gay, straight, young and old.