Hoaglin To Go Cafe & Market (Closed Permanently)

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GayCities Members report that Hoaglin To Go Cafe & Market has closed
Casual gourmet
Hoaglin Catering Co. became so popular that the owners opened up a permanent cafe where diners can enjoy gourmet delights that won't empty your pockets.


    • latinmaleindy
      latinmaleindy Over a year ago
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      good food
      good food, average service

    • Why eat at an Arby's?
      I\'ve only been here for breakfast a few times - but I\'m a fan. Their omelets are great, actually they are big enough for two people to share and still leave stuffed. They have omelet specials and have had some pretty creating combinations - all of which have been delicious (most recently a salsa and bean omelet). Their egg dishes come with cheese potatoes or roasted potatoes - both of which are very good. I have to say I\'m not crazy about their bagels (tasted more like normal bread than a bagel) but I\'m happy sticking with the omelets. The coffee is great, too. It is always easy to find a table on weekend mornings - unlike some of the other breakfast joints in town.\r\n\r\n The brunch food? Pretty off the charts really. The French onion soup was amazing. Initially I was taken aback to see it come out with no cheese on top, a sin in French onion-ry that is unacceptable, but to my delight it was just put in the bottom of the bowl, but the flavor was so good I forgave the transgression. My sandwich was completely unmaneuverable, the chicken and veggies were stacked to high that I could not even begin to get my mouth around it. I settled for the cut and fork method and enjoyed the curried chicken salad. The curry flavor was mild and delightful, the only thing that could improve on the sandwich would be more red onion.\r\n\r\nSmall Nit-Pick...The soup spoons are entirely too small and make eating soup a tragically messy experience, I felt like such a slob. But to my amusement, a lady at another table mentioned the same thing to the server. (Though I\'m sure the comment was lost forever and will never get to management.)\r\n\r\nLike I said, I\'ll go back, but I won\'t be in a hurry, it\'s kinda out of my way anyway.