Bazbeaux Pizza - Downtown

100% love it
Fresh-made delectable pizzas
Located in the city's Arts District where Main Street and the Monon Trail intersect, Bazbeaux features ample indoor seating, a wine bar, a large trailside patio — and the same great pizza that has long been Indy’s best!


    • Unique pizzas. Local/regional beer.
      Bazbeaux is the hip fusion of fresh and creative pizza, earning it a place in my top 3 pizza places ever!! Since day 1, I couldn't get over how fresh and tasty the pizza was -- the toppings, the dough, the cheese, you name it. No matter which of the pre-selected specialty pizzas I've ordered or how badly I think my weird-ass topping choice du jour was, Bazbeaux never ceases to amaze. Also, their topping offering is second-to-none. The only bad news, if it applies to you: no draft beer, and I've had service range from awesome caretakers to hipsters who are too cool to be servers (and yet, there they were). Ultimately, I'm there for the food, and Bazbeaux has yet to disappoint. One thing to note (at least the Mass Ave location), the wait on Fri-Sat can get rather lengthy, especially with a 5+ party. But, there's a reason they all wait...