Mass Avenue Pub

100% love it
Cozy neighborhood pub
Nestled in the Arts District, Mass Ave Pub is known by locals as the friendliest place in town. This cozy neighborhood pub boasts great food, stellar drink specials, and a fun place to watch the game.


    • JA237
      JA237 Over a year ago

      A den of the Uncle of your dreams,
      Great little pub on Mass Ave. No snootiness, no pretentiousness, and no taking itself too seriously - it almost seems out of place on Mass Ave :) But it is just the perfect balance to the other commercial residents of the area. ___________________________________________________ Pub quiz is a blast. The quizmaster doesn't get caught up on technicalities (read = consistently scoring and providing correct answers), so it's not a pub quiz for those who take competition more seriously than beer and fun. ___________________________________________________ The beer, by the way - much better than average beer list! ______________________________________________ Food - eat before you come :) ______________________________________________ Service - server gal who's always on Wednesdays is super friendly, efficient, helps those who deserve it with pub quiz answers, and is all around awesome. The bartender, on the other hand, was okay til we made the mistake of trying to sit on the barstool in front of the video game terminal for pub quiz b/c all other seats were taken. He completely flipped out when he saw us about to sit - we asked if it was okay when we saw him running over - and he slammed his fist on the bar and said "it's your world, I'm just living in it!" threw up his arms and stomped off - whoa. A simple "no" would suffice! (The stool and the one next to it remained empty all night, and we snagged a table from people leaving in the awesome servergal's section. I'd much rather giver her my money anyway!) _______________________________________________ Get there by 8:00 if you want seats for pub quiz, and tell any drunk friends that may be accompanying you not to yell out the answers! ___________________________________________________