Mesh Formerly: Scholar's Inn Restaurant & Lounge

100% love it
A gorgeous upscale eatery
Mesh blends contemporary elegance and comfort with incredible food and excellent service. The innovative menu and unique décor make Mesh an ideal setting for business meetings, romantic evenings, or a night out with friends.


    • The SI, "small intament" is Scholar's. See my profile reviews list.
      My review of "both"? Gay Bar??? Not sure! RE--OPENED! RE--OPENED: AS Mesh on Mass. Nice place...but it reminds me of Scholars Inn the way Eli reminds me of Peyton... Just to be clear, this is where the metaphor ends. Love the Colts...didn't really love Scholars. What I loved most were half-priced martini Thursdays...a tradition which Mesh has been more than happy to carry forward. Martinis seem pretty good -- probably a 7 out of 10 for creativity and quality. Beer was overpriced, even for Mass Ave. The atmosphere was nice -- not quite as creative as Scholars Inn 1.0, certainly better than the ugly red Scholars 2.0. As upscale goes, however, I like the creativity of The Ball and Biscuit much more. All in all, I think it's worth another shot. Not that I think the world needs more pretentious, upscale places, but as long as Scholars was leaving and we didn't have to give up a good pub, I suppose it has it's place. It's also always nice to support local business, which earns it it's fourth star. CLOSED------ 04/25/2010 ----CLOSED Is this a gay bar? No one really knows, but the Thursday night that I was here, it sure seemed like it. Martini's are half price on Thursdays, and if my friend didn't have to work the next day I think we would have been in trouble cause those things were good. Like really good. The exterior doesn't really match the interior since it looks like you're going into a pub/hotel ... the second you get inside it feels like you're in some swanky SOMA lounge complete with soft high back chairs and plexiglass benches that sparkle with all kinds of colorful light. The more I think about it, yeah, this is a gay bar :) ... I'll probably be back on a future trip to Indy.