Wyndham Indianapolis West Formerly: Adam's Mark Hotel

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Conveniently Located near airport and speedway
This well-equipped haven is the perfect choice if you've come to Indy to enjoy the sporting life. Fans will be eager to check out Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Bankers Life Fieldhouse, and Lucas Oil Stadium, home to the Indianapolis Colts. With a fantastic fitness center, an outdoor pool, and 24/hr dining options, the Wyndham is a great choice for your next trip.


    • Romantic Evening?
      Website had incorrect directions. Airport Expressway apparently is now the Sam Jones Expressway. We drove around for an hour an a half trying to find the hotel because they have not updated their directions. When we checked in the front desk girl gave us our keys and said thank you. I had to ask her how to get to the room and elevators. I also had to ask her about our romantic package I purchased on the internet and she had to put it into the system. I feel that my reservation should have been accurate and I should not have had to ask about it. When we got into the room and it was quite nice, except that the bed is all the way across the room from the TV so the remote control did not work from the bed. We also noticed that one of the trash cans still had trash in it and the trash can in the bathroom had no liner in it. Room Service was supposed to deliver our strawberries and champagne from the romantic package at 8:00pm and they delivered them at 8:40pm. I called the front desk who told me to call room service. I called room service at 8:35pm and they did not the answer the phone. We went down to the restaurant to eat and there was an hour and a half wait. We then decided to go to their bar but it was beyond capacity and they were not taking anyone else in. So, we went back to the room and ordered room service at 9:00pm. They told us it would be an hour wait and our food would be there at 10:00pm. Our food showed up at 10:36pm and was not even hot; it was lukewarm at best. On top of it, they forgot my onion soup. I called room service at 10:40pm and they said they would bring it right up. At 12:00am I called again and there was no answer. After calling the third time, someone from the restaurant finally picked up the phone and then someone finally brought the soup I ordered at 9pm, and again at 10:40pm, and again at 12:00am, up at 12:20am At 10:00pm we tried to get on the internet and it was not working. We spent an hour dealing with tech support and an in hotel technician to get the internet working. Apparently they had to reset some switch somewhere. At 11:30pm I went to the front desk and asked him for change for a $20 for the pop machine. He gave me three 5's and five 1's. I went all the way back up to the 6th floor only to find out the pop machine did not take dollars, only change. I then walked all the way to the other side of the floor to another pop machine and that one also only took quarters. I called the front desk and they told me their vending machine only took change and not dollars. Why didn't the front desk advise me of this and/ or give me hard change instead of all dollars!? Why would a nice hotel not have dollar accepters? Even Motel 8 has dollar accepters. At 12 noon the next day housekeeping comes knocking on our door asking when we are leaving. The first thing is that our check out was at 3pm for the romantic package and secondly, I had the do not disturb sign on the door. Why was this housekeeper disturbing us to ask us when we were leaving!? Ridiculous. It seemed anytime I called the restaurant or room service, no one answered 3 out of the 4 times I called. At the front desk, no one was up front 3 out of the 4 times I went there. There they were there when we check in but not when I complained about the champagne, when we got change, or when we checked out the next day. We had to ring the bell and wait for someone to come out of the back.